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The Equity Payments medical payments program and supporting partnerships come together with specific focus across the medical community. Businesses often get comfortable and overlook improvements in how they collect, manage and get paid. Continued advancements and simpler methods continue improve the financial experience for employees and customers. Our solutions combine cost friendly options with industry leading solutions for accepting and managing your payments atmosphere.

Our focus is driven from experience in aiding doctors, the front-desk staff and patients with improving the payments experience.  Benefits including increase bandwidth, lowered monthly costs, improved hardware, quicker reconciliation and attractive cloud-based advancements that promote happy, long-term patients.


Improve your patients’ financial experiences by offering them the flexibility to pay how and when they wish, using any payment type, including credit, debit, EMV, ACH and ApplePay.


Your staff should have efficiency at their finger tips – decreasing in-house administration. Our solution grants them the ability to improve security by storing sensitive cardholder data in the cloud while providing payment plan recurring billing tokenization and automation – accessible anytime, anywhere.


As your practice evolves, so should the way you accept payments. Our product suite enables all aspects of how to accept a payment: credit, debit, EMV, ApplePay, online, recurring and more! We will consult with you to learn more about your business interests and our new partnership.

Reduce expense

The method of payments and the value-adds that compliment them are important in qualifying for the best rates and keeping costs down. With Equity Payments, you can feel confident that the best method to process a transaction is enabled – no matter if you accept payments face-to-face, over the phone or in scheduled recurring payments, our program has every method available to qualify for the best rate.

Automation and Simplicity

It shouldn’t cost you more to improve. Our web-based Virtual Terminal is consistently ranked by our clients as the most valued feature, and it’s FREE! Similar solutions charge for customer records, monthly billing and stored recurring & scheduling payments for patients – not us.

  • Anywhere access
  • Acts as a front desk terminal, supporting swipe and keyed payments
  • Turns each PC into a payment acceptance interface
  • QuickSale functionality at the front-desk
  • Detailed management reporting
  • Cloud vault technology to store all sensitive cardholder data
  • Recurring scheduler for automated payments

The switch is easy!

Making an improvement in your provider is simple. Within 24hrs, our same-day program will have your account approved and ready while your bank account remains the same. If you have invested in current hardware/software, that is okay too. We are partners with the largest platforms and can often support the terminal or software currently being used.


We are no obligation and welcome the opportunity to listen and learn, including a free consultation on the ways we can benefit your practice and patients.

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